The basic ingredient of all Regulat products

REGULATESSENZ® – The essence of life*

REGULATESSENZ results from the cascade fermentation – a liquid composition of fermented enzymes (so-called STRAIN ENZYMES) mixed with around 50,000 secondary plant substances, antioxidants, components of fermentation cultures – dissolved in dextrorotary lactic acid.

Every single metabolic process is controlled by enzymes. They are the regulators in our cells that keep us alive. REGULATESSENZ is a highly-concentrated plant-based enzyme solution that the body can absorb incredibly easily.

This natural treasure trove provides the body with much that it needs and so can ensure a holistic basic regulation.

Several studies have confirmed that REGULATESSENZ increases the energy in the cells. This creates a natural surplus of energy and performance and a stronger immune defence¹.

Health • Vitality • Strength

The treasure trove for your health

  • Fermented enzymes (STRAIN ENZYMES®)
  • Around 50,000 secondary plant substances
  • Components of fermentation cultures
  • Dextrorotary lactic acid
  • Free of: added sugar, gluten, conservatives,
    lactose, yeast, histamine
  • 100% organic (inspection body: DE-ÖKÖ-006)
  • 100% vegetarian

The principle of homeostasis

Maintaining homeostasis through regulation is the principle of life and the secret of youth and health! When all the body’s systems are in balance, one is healthy. The organism is permanently challenged to perform highly complex regulating functions thousands of times per second in order to constantly regain equilibrium.

Only when all the processes in the body are running smoothly and adjusting each other like in a control loop and the body’s own energy production is working properly are the body’s self-regulating powers mobilised. REGULATESSENZ® fulfils the basic functions necessary for the maintenance of homeostasis.*

Regulation through

Almost all metabolic processes in the human body involve enzymes. These biocatalysts control and regulate our metabolism. Strain enzymes are molecular enzyme building blocks found in REGULATESSENZ. They arise due to the disruption by the lactic acid of the enzyme-rich plant ingredients in the cascade fermentation.

Energisation through mitochondrial activation

Taking REGULATESSENZ improves the functioning of the mitochondria. All the people who take REGULATESSENZ notice significantly more energy and better performance, even after just a short time. This energy surplus is the result of the activation of the cells’ power plants, the mitochondria.

Carrier effect for vitamins and vital substances

With REGULATESSENZ, the body takes up vital substances better. This is because of the so-called carrier effect. Various studies were able to demonstrate a significant carrier effect of REGULATESSENZ for several vital substances.

*REGULATESSENZ® contains natural vitamin C, which supports normal immune function¹ and a healthy energy metabolism² and increases iron uptake³.


Ingredients exclusively from certified organic agriculture

The ingredients used for the cascade fermentation are especially healthy,
carefully matched foodstuffs that cover our nutritional requirements and contain many active enzymes.

The multi-stage fermentation with lactic acid ensures that all the constituents are gently released.
They are particularly bioavailable to the human body in this form, meaning that they can be easily absorbed through the mucus membranes of the mouth,
stomach and intestines.

Acerola cherry








Mungo sprouts



Soy beans






The Health & Beauty Code*

*contains natural vitamin C that can protect
cells from oxidative stress

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