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The substance that changes everything!
REGULATFERMENT® and REGULATESSENZ® possess an incomparable efficiency and range of effects and are the secret hidden in all Dr. Niedermaier® Pharma products! Both active substances are manufactured using a fermentation process tested over decades: the patented cascade fermentation process.

REGULATESSENZ is the key to inner and outer beauty and a long, healthy life. It is painstakingly manufactured from sun-ripened, fresh organic fruits, nuts and vegetables. These ingredients are repeatedly fermented over a period of 6 to 8 weeks. REGULATESSENZ has excellent bioavailability and transports even added substances much more effectively in the body.

Thanks to the cascade fermentation process, all the ingredients lose their allergenic potential. Regulatessenz is included in all Dr. Niedermaier Pharma products. We even use Regulatessenz instead of water to make our Regulat Beauty Natural Cosmetics range.

#Cheers drink yourself beautiful!
With Regulatpro® Hyaluron – the unique, natural anti-aging beauty drink, we have succeeded in acting against the signs of aging, like dry skin or small wrinkles. With one Beauty Shot daily you will experience your skin1, hair2, nails3 and connective tissues4 being rejuvenated. Regulatpro® Hyaluron is the secret to success for inner and outer beauty.

The new Beauty Revolution – Regulatpro® Slim Beauty by Dr. Niedermaier® actively helps weight loss5 and additionally ensures firm connective tissue4, promotes healthy hair2 and nails3 and a clear skin1, naturally strengthens muscular development and the immune system6.

Alexander Amadeus May

“My goal is to enrich the world with products that naturally and effectively promote health and beauty.”

The heritage of my grandfather and the development of my mother is the basis to supply you with worldwide unique and highly effective products. Our product portfolio is suitable for young and old and is constantly being expanded.

Sincerely yours,
Alexander Amadeus May

* REGULATESSENZ® contains natural vitamin C, which supports normal immune function, contributes to a healthy metabolism, reduces tiredness and exhaustion, increases iron uptake and can protect the cells from oxidative stress. ** Dr. Niedermaier DETOX KUR is a Class IIa medicinal product.

This is what makes REGULATESSENZ® the essence of life*

According to
Nature’s rules

Our products are outstanding, natural dietary supplements. They provide fundamental assistance to the complex structures of the human organism according to Nature’s rules.


REGULATESSENZ® is manufactured using a unique, patented process: cascade fermentation, the highest form of fermentation.


The ingredients from fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables are all organically sourced, ensuring that the cascade fermentation distils the concentrated force of our Nature and the soul of the plants.


The multi-stage fermentation process intensively disrupts the plant ingredients, extracts their constituent parts and breaks down and concentrates them into small molecules. These small natural building blocks are especially easy for the body to absorb.


Tested and inspected illustrates the responsible behaviour of Dr. Niedermaier Pharma GmbH, and the Regulat products stand out with their excellent quality.


Over 50 qualified scientific studies have now been conducted together with TU Munich, Nutritional CRO & Testing Lab BioTeSy GmbH, Justus Liebig University in Giessen, the independent research institute Dermatest GmbH and many other institutions.

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