Marcus Stanton, Arzt

Marcus Stanton

medical specialist

Stanton is a physician who practices holistic medecine in Lübeck,Germany. He gives lectures internationally and is the author of various publications. He is chairman and principal of the IFOS (Internationale Fachakademie Oxidativer Stress), host of the TV show “Quantensprung,” and managing editor for Medizin&Wissenschaft for the TV station


Peter Emmrich, Arzt

Peter Emmrich

medical specialist

Graduate biologist and chemist, medical consultant in general medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy, acupuncture, manual medicine, sports medicine, and palliative medicine. Emmrich uses the cascade-fermented products of Dr. Niedermaier Pharma in his everyday practice.


Claudia Vigier, Naturopathin

Claudia Vigier

naturopath from Paris

The expert for fermented enzymes and nutrition has been working with Regulatpro® Bio for years and appreciates the advantages of cascade-fermented products of Dr. Niedermaier Pharma.