Cascade Fermentation:

The principle of cascade fermentation is to fragment and transform all health-promoting contents into highly concentrated bio-available units.

Original KaskadenfermentationOriginal cascade fermentation™: This symbol stands for the tested and patented production process.


Cascade fermentation™ – Steps

Step 1 >> The fresh ingredients are cut up and filled with water into a fermentation tank. Lactobacteria are added to the mixture, which creates dextrorotatory lactic acid L(+). The first fermentation begins after approximately two days.


Step 2 >> After a few weeks, the first partial filtration takes place. This is implemented again for fermentation with the addition of different lactobacteria. Further fermentation steps follow according to this principle. In this way a further fragmentation of all substances is achieved.


Step 3 >>Finally, after combining all fermentation fragments and one last fermentation process, the ingredients are available in a broken down , bioavailable form. Through the careful production process, using preservatives, chemical ingredients, sugar, and alcohol can be avoided.


Kaskadenfermentation Qualität


Our manufacturing plant works according to GMP guidelines and fulfills all requirements of the strictest quality guidelines such as HACCP and DIN ISO. All utilized raw materials are of natural origin and are both vegan and certified organic. The total production of Regulatpro® is done by Dr. Niedermaier Pharma; from the procurement and careful selection of raw materials for processing and fermentation to the filling of the finished product. Only this makes it possible to control all production processes and guarantee the highest quality.